- Work pics (2)

Decor complete, just flooring & skirts to fix.
Coving fire surround fitted then full room repaint & feature wallpaper hung to create horizontal stripes.
 A full lounge repaint starting with ceiling & coving.
Then three walls painted in ivory white.
Then cutting in the feature wall,
 Then the woodwork and room completed.
Completed room.
 A dining room stripped and lined with ceiling emulsioned.
Dining room completed,
A full kitchen repaint mushroom soft sheen walls & white ceiling and oil based eggshell on all woodwork.
Kitchen complete.
A listed Edwardian manor house with a problem ceiling covered in lots of re-occuring hairline cracks due to historic movement.
Solved permanently with fibre-liner.
Then a full repaint to complete, just the door to go.
Edwardian manor house dining room, with problem ceiling solved, fully repainted and glossed to complete.
Job done.
A bedroom with tired decor, blown vinyl and ceiling height border.
Bedroom stripped revealing poor wall surfaces.
Bedroom all prepped, lined and ready for painting.